Welcome to Nootopia!

In this whitepaper, the Pesky Penguins Team will outline our vision for Nootopia: what it is, why we're doing it, and how it will work.


Nootopia is the place where Pesky Penguins live, work, and play.

As Nootopia comes to life, the world, the lore, and the opportunities for your penguins will grow and evolve. From games to interactive storytelling, Nootopia seeks to be a fun and engaging place for Pesky Penguins (and their holders!) to spend their time and grow their "noot" worth.

In Nootopia, Penguins earn $PESKY, a utility token for building out Pesky Places, participating in world-building events, playing multiplayer games with their friends, and for minting new Pesky-themed NFTs.

With each new Chapter, there will be more to do and build in Nootopia, and more ways for you to help shape the world!

This is a living document

The material you read in this document is subject to change! We promise to do our best to communicate the changes we make and why we've made them.

This is an evolving vision

As we begin to build out Nootopia, and as we listen to your feedback, we expect our vision to evolve and grow along with the world.

Our goal with Nootopia is to release features in batches, which we're calling Chapters. A side effect of constantly building and adding new features is that the balance of the game will also change often in to accommodate these new features.

When change happens, it may mean that a strategy that you've invested in previously may no longer work. As we adjust for balance, or as we tweak the economics of the world, previously profitable strategies may no longer be as rewarding.

Please understand: everything we do is with the long-term health of the community in mind. It is never our intention to hurt community members, and we will always communicate our rationale behind the changes we make. We love all our holders and will never intentionally upset you!

Thank you!

Finally, a note of gratitude: Thank you for coming on this journey with us! It's going to be a long one, and we're going to make it as much fun as possible!