At Pesky Penguins, we eat, sleep, and breathe WAGMI. We're about building a community and a world that you can own and enjoy.

Nootopia is a place for everybody, and it will serve as a record of how you have chosen to participate in this community.

We think that our Interactive Storytelling Engine will be the highlight of Nootopia, and we hope the stories we tell will make you laugh, while being compelling enough for you to come back over and over again.

Gamified Staking, through landownership and the ability to upgrade your Places, will serve as an enduring record of your participation in the world. The Places and Upgrades you'll have access to will be a reflection of the choices you've made, either through storytelling or how you've engaged with the community.

Finally, because being a member of the community means interacting with your neighbors, it is our hope that the small, fun, Multiplayer Games available in Nootopia will serve as a way to connect with your friends and reward your skill while remaining lighthearted and a cohesive part of the Pesky Penguins universe.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We're nothing without our community, and we love that you've chosen to make Nootopia your home on the blockchain!


❤️ from the Pesky Penguins Team: NFP and Kylie.