Every Chapter, we'll release a new Biome, and every Biome will come with biome-themed game.

These games will:

  • Run in the browser
  • Be Multiplayer
  • Cost $PESKY to play
  • Reward $PESKY to the winner(s)
    • Maybe reward other things as well 👀
  • Be short, quick, and fun!

Think: arcade games. You put in your quarter, you play with your friends, and then maybe you get some $PESKY or other prizes at the end.

The goal is to give folks something to do together while hanging out online.

Nootopia IS the Game.

These multiplayer "arcade games" will not be immersive worlds with standalone lore; the stance we're taking is that Nootopia itself is the game.

Gamified staking, interactive storytelling, and Pesky Arcade games will work together to create the "Nootopia Experience."

Anybody Can Play

It is vitally important to us that anybody can play these Pesky arcade games. You will not need to own a Penguin to play; Nootopia is for everybody, and we're all going to make it.

The only thing you'll need to play at the Pesky Arcade is $PESKY, and only Pesky Penguin holders will be able to earn $PESKY from staking. A talented gamer may be able to turn a handful of $PESKY into a larger holding by playing skillfully.

Achievements and Quests

There may be times, as part of our Interactive Storytelling, where Penguins will need to play a certain number of games in order to progress. Like other storytelling initiatives, you will receive your achievements and quest progression in the form of fungible tokens.

Keeping achievements and quest progression as fungible tokens means that you can transfer your progress to other accounts (or even other players) if you switch wallets, and allows you to "boost" your friends to certain points within the story.

At the moment, it is very unlikely that the possession of tokens will confer any kind of in-game bonuses; we want to emphasize belonging, not competition. If you want to share your achievements with friends, go right ahead! The goal, after all, is to have fun with the people you enjoy.

We're all going to make it!