The core Mission Statement of the Pesky Penguins team is:

Drive adoption of the Solana ecosystem.

There are many different ways to drive adoption, and the approach we have chosen to take is to be:

  • Present
  • Welcoming
  • Inclusive
  • Transparent
  • Building

Our goal with Pesky Penguins, Nootopia, and our future endeavors is to give you, the community, a safe and fun place to belong. We want to build a place where you enjoy spending your time; where you chose to hang out not only because of the obvious token incentives, but because of the bonds you form with others.

Nootopia Objectives

Nootopia is our canvas for expressing joy and creating a sense of belonging for everybody in the NFT space. With Nootopia, we hope to build a foundation of fun for years to come.

The plan is to release new features incrementally, deploying features as they are ready, with the goal of building something fun over time with feedback from the community.

When working on Nootopia, the decisions we make will always be in service to these core objectives:

  • Fun
  • Community
  • Noot


While we are very serious about delivering no-frills value to our holders, Pesky Penguins does not want to take itself too seriously. From memes to the good vibes in Discord, we're always striving to build something that you enjoy.

Our goal with Nootopia is to build an engaging experience. We want to make you laugh and smile; to make something that you'll enjoy being a part of. We want Nootopia to be compelling beyond "numbers go up;" it's a creative expression of joy and life on the blockchain.


We want Nootopia to be a world in which people can participate collectively._ You'll be able to play solo, but the community and the actions others take will influence the world and your place in it. We want to create server-wide events in which everybody can participate, whose outcomes change the landscape and the story being told.


Noot is who we are.

Web3 is about empowering individuals. We want to empower you to Noot how you want to Noot, and to have fun doing it.

Something we have loved from hanging out in Discord and on Twitter with all of you are the stories you invent for your Noots. They add character to your Penguins and contribute to the lighthearted vibes of the community. We want to celebrate this!

One of our goals for Nootopia is to provide ways to customize your space and your penguins; to tell your own story while you help shape the world with the community.

YOU are the reason we are still here building. That's worth celebrating.

Solana has the capacity to be truly transformative in its throughput, programmability, and low energy footprint. We believe that contributing to the space can help legitimize decentralized finance, empower individuals, and bring about innovation we can't yet imagine (in the same transformative manner as the internet and smartphones).

You, as a supporter of Pesky Penguins, should feel very proud of the community that you've helped create! We feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a community often hailed as one of "the best" on Solana, and while there are only subjective ways to measure this, we believe that by embodying WAGMI and our core values of being present, welcoming, inclusive, transparent, and building, we can build a product and a community that drives Solana forward.

Keep up the good work, and thank you! 😁