Nootopia is not only an icebound snowy landmass!

It's true that the Nootopia City Center lies at the South Pole, but the entire world is vast, and there will be many different biomes to explore!

In the beginning, there will be only a single Biome, but new biomes will be released with each new Chapter.

Every Biome will release with new Places, meaning that prospective landowners will be able to mint new properties seasonally, and these properties will be themed according to the biome to which they belong.

Each new Biome will contain a fun biome-themed multiplayer game at its center, and residents of the biome may receive discounts on the game.

Example Biomes

Some example biomes we may pursue throughout the course of development include:

  • Antarctic
  • Beach
  • Volcanic
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Plains
  • Swamp

This is not a final, complete, or ordered list. The biome associated with each new Chapter may or may not be announced ahead of time, but will always follow the lore. 😉