Pesky Places: Upgrades

During their time in Nootopia, players will be able to acquire Upgrades for Pesky Places. Upgrades may be purchased for $PESKY, may be given out for participation in lore events, or may come from other, yet-to-be-revealed in-world sources.

You do NOT need to be an owner of a Place to acquire Upgrades, but you can only apply Upgrades to Places that you own.

Upgrades are Fungible

A key difference between Places and Upgrades is that Upgrades are fungible.

It will be possible to acquire multiple versions of the same Upgrade, and they will be interchangeable with other upgrades of the same type. This grants users the ability to apply multiple identical upgrades to their property, allowing players to optimize their staking experience in a way that appeals most to them.

Upgrade Modifiers

Upgrades will modify one or multiple core staking attributes of the Place to which it is applied:

  • Salary
  • Pay Period
  • Earnings Cap

Additionally, some upgrades may provide bonus modifiers based on staked Penguins, Biome, or by stacking with other upgrades.

Release Schedule

New Upgrades will become available with each new Chapter, and can be applied to properties released during ANY Chapter.