Pesky Places

Pesky Places are customizable staking locations that you can own! These in-game parcels of land can be minted for $PESKY and are issued as NFTs, so players will be free to sell their Pesky Places for SOL on the open market.

Place Attributes

Every Pesky Place will have the following attributes associated with it:

  • Biome
  • Rank
  • Upgrade Slots
  • Salary
  • Pay Period
  • Earnings Cap


Every new Chapter will introduce a new Biome to the world, and new land tiles will be released along with them. In the beginning, there will be a single biome (Antarctic), but as the world of Nootopia grows, so too will the number of biomes and Places.

In addition to cosmetic differences, Biomes may confer bonuses to certain property Upgrades; for example, a Solar Powered Noot Collector may be 10% more effective when placed in a Desert biome.

The release of new Biomes will follow the Pesky Penguins lore.


Ranks are an easy way to tell approximately how valuable a Place is, because Rank informs the other 4 staking attributes: Salary, Pay Period, Earnings Cap, and Upgrade Slots.

  • S Rank properties will have upgraded values for all 4 attributes.
  • A Rank properties will have upgraded values for 3/4 attributes.
  • B Rank properties will have upgraded values for 2/4 attributes.
  • C Rank properties will have upgraded values for 1/4 attributes.
  • D Rank properties will have normal values for all 4 attributes.


Salary is the amount of $PESKY you can earn from a Place for a given Pay Period. Higher values are better.

The Salary amount will vary wildly from place to place, and will depend heavily on what the Pay Period is. In general, shorter pay periods will result in lower salaries (smaller sums more frequently).

Pay Period

The amount of time your Penguin must remain staked at a Place before receiving its Salary. Smaller values are better, because smaller values mean more frequent payouts.

Pay Periods will be measured in SECONDS, but we will have a human-friendly duration in the NFT description to make them easier to parse.

Earnings Cap

The amount of $PESKY your staked Penguins can accumulate before their earnings are capped and must be claimed. Larger values are better, because this means more time can elapse before you need to tend to your staked Penguins.

Upgrade Slots

The number of slots available on this Place for Upgrades. Larger values are better.

Some upgrades will require multiple slots; which upgrades you will be able to apply to your Place depends on which upgrades you own. Upgrades may be purchased for $PESKY, may be given out for participation in lore events, or may come from other, yet-to-be-revealed in-world sources.

See the Upgrades page for more details!