Penguin Staking

Staking your Pesky Penguins is the mechanism through which players earn $PESKY in Nootopia.

Because Nootopia boasts "Gamified Staking," players in Nootopia are able to influence how much $PESKY their penguins earn through purchasing and upgrading parcels of Land.

Staking Variables

When staking your Pesky Penguins, there are a number of variables that determine how you earn $PESKY:

  • Pay Period: Tick duration; how much time it takes to accumulate $PESKY
  • Salary: Amount of $PESKY per tick
  • Earnings Cap: Maximum $PESKY a Penguin can earn before needing to claim
  • Synergy multiplier: The effect adding more Penguins has on the Salary. Can be positive or negative!
  • Penguin Attribute Modifier: Certain Penguin attributes may synergize with certain property upgrades.
    • A Penguin with a Fast Food Cap may earn 5% more $PESKY when staked at a McNoots Franchise, for example.

These variables together determine the rate at which players can accumulate $PESKY in-game.

Public Staking

Where a Penguin can be tasked (staked) depends on available opportunities.

Initially, there will only be "Public" staking locations available. These locations are open to all players, and there is no limit to the number of penguins who may be staked there. These locations have fixed attribute that cannot be modified with upgrades.

Private Staking Opportunities

As players accumulate $PESKY, they will be able to purchase Pesky Places (to be released during Chapter 1). Pesky Places will be issued to players as NFTs, and they enable new staking opportunities!

Each Pesky Place will have "base stats" associated with it, as well as a number of upgrade slots. Upgrade slots may be used for modifying the base stats with "buildings," which will be purchased in-game. See the Upgrades for more details.

Players are not limited to staking on Places that they own; landowners will be able to "whitelist" their friends and community members to allow Penguins to earn together! This feature will not be initially available upon the release of Pesky Places, and its rollout will coincide with lore events.

Earnings Cap Rationale

There will be an earnings cap for the amount of $PESKY that a Penguin can earn while staked. Users must withdraw their funds periodically to continue earning $PESKY. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Staking variables are "locked in" when you stake your Penguin.
    • If a property is upgraded, your staked penguin will not automatically earn at the new rate.
    • An earnings cap encourages un-staking so players can re-stake and earn $PESKY at a higher rate.
  • An earnings cap incentivizes players to withdraw their rewards more frequently
    • This promotes the circulation of $PESKY
    • People with $PESKY in-hand are more likely to spend it on upgrades, creating a virtuous cycle.
  • There will be in-game mechanics that trigger on the withdrawal of funds.
    • This relates to a SECRET that we have not yet revealed 😉 Stay tuned!