Interactive Storytelling

Lore has always been one of the aspects of the Pesky Penguins universe that drives its individuality. How many NFT collections have an in-universe villain who actively attacks the collection? How many collections have called their members to war, left scars on their soldiers, and done so with a story and artwork to accompany it?

Many of the folks who joined the Pesky Penguins family in 2022 were not around for the Battle of Nootvember. If you are one of these people, you are in for a storytelling surprise!

Pesky Penguins has always been about creating a fun, dynamic, and inclusive place for our community, and that means creating a world where your decisions influence your journey through it.

The Interactive Storytelling Engine

One of the things we will be working on in 2022 is an Interactive Storytelling Engine. Pesky Penguins holders will be able to participate in Lore, storytelling, and world-building events, and the choices they make will influence what options are available to them in the future thanks to the magic of the blockchain.

Storytelling and worldbuilding events will issue (fungible) tokens to the folks who complete them, and these tokens will serve as a record of how they participated in storytelling events.

Through a combination of Storytelling Tokens, Pesky Penguins NFTs, and potentially NFTs from partner collections, we will be able to craft narratives that feel special and tailored to past choices you've made.

Beyond simply storytelling, the tokens you've earned through worldbuilding events can serve as keys to unlock new features.

Unlocking Features

"Main Story" lore will be available to everybody, regardless of Pesky Penguin ownership, but there may be worldbuilding lore or "side quests" that are only open to holders.

For example, if you're a landowner (a Places holder), you may be confronted with a quest to focus on either forestry or aquaculture. If you choose aquaculture, this could provide you with the "Fishernoot's Token," the possession of which entitles you to purchase Fishing Hole upgrades for your Places.

Remember: upgrades are fungible, so you can collect multiple (identical) fishing hole upgrades and trade them away to a member of the community who made different choices than you (for example, somebody with forestry upgrades).

In this way, the decisions you've made will shape the choices available to you in Nootopia, and will encourage cooperation with your friends to experience everything Nootopia has to offer.

As for Main Story Tokens... well, giving away all our secrets would ruin the surprises we have in store! 😉