The official utility token of Nootopia is called $PESKY. $PESKY will be used to purchase Places, items, upgrades, and for participating in games and story/lore events in Nootopia.

Fixed Maximum Supply

In order to incentivize token farming, there will be a fixed supply of $PESKY. A deflationary supply would disincentivize people from spending the tokens, so most purchases in-game will be added back into the "world wallet" from which staking rewards are paid out.

There will be a maximum token supply of 500,000,000 $PESKY.

500M $PESKY (500 megapesky lol) is enough supply to cover approximately two years' worth of staking (at a maximum rate per penguin) without any in-game spending. $PESKY that has not been distributed will be kept in the "Nootopia treasury" (the world wallet), which is the wallet from which staking rewards are paid out to staked Pesky Penguins.

When users spend $PESKY in Nootopia, the tokens will return to the world wallet, where they can continue to circulate beyond the first two years of gameplay.

There may also be certain, limited, deflationary use cases for $PESKY as well, in which the $PESKY spent will be permanently removed (burned) from the circulating supply.

Distribution Schedule

In order to incentivize participation in the community and Nootopia, $PESKY follows the following distribution schedule:

  • 330M $PESKY (66%) for the "world wallet" (game/staking emissions)
  • 140M $PESKY (28%) for ecosystem development and community rewards
  • 20M $PESKY (4%) to the dev team on the following vesting schedule:
    • NO Pesky for the first year
    • 1.5M $PESKY/month beginning March 1, 2023 and continuing until all 20M is distributed
  • 10M $PESKY (2%) to NootDAO, a community-led DAO for all holders of Pesky Penguins, on the following vesting schedule:
    • 500K $PESKY/month beginning July 1, 2022 and continuing until all 10M has been distributed.

Regular Balancing

Because we expect participation, playstyles, and features to change over time, users should anticipate that the cost of items/upgrades/adventures in Nootopia will also change over time. For example, as new in-game items are added, older items may come down in price.

No Monetary Value

The Pesky Penguins Team does not assign any monetary value to $PESKY. It is a utility token for Nootopia, not an investment vehicle. The token is not intended to be used for anything except purchasing in-game items, services, and events within the Nootopia game world.