Welcome to Nootopia!

In this whitepaper, the Pesky Penguins Team will outline our vision for Nootopia: what it is, why we're doing it, and how it will work.


Nootopia is the place where Pesky Penguins live, work, and play.

As Nootopia comes to life, the world, the lore, and the opportunities for your penguins will grow and evolve. From games to interactive storytelling, Nootopia seeks to be a fun and engaging place for Pesky Penguins (and their holders!) to spend their time and grow their "noot" worth.

In Nootopia, Penguins earn $PESKY, a utility token for building out Pesky Places, participating in world-building events, playing multiplayer games with their friends, and for minting new Pesky-themed NFTs.

With each new Chapter, there will be more to do and build in Nootopia, and more ways for you to help shape the world!

This is a living document

The material you read in this document is subject to change! We promise to do our best to communicate the changes we make and why we've made them.

This is an evolving vision

As we begin to build out Nootopia, and as we listen to your feedback, we expect our vision to evolve and grow along with the world.

Our goal with Nootopia is to release features in batches, which we're calling Chapters. A side effect of constantly building and adding new features is that the balance of the game will also change often in to accommodate these new features.

When change happens, it may mean that a strategy that you've invested in previously may no longer work. As we adjust for balance, or as we tweak the economics of the world, previously profitable strategies may no longer be as rewarding.

Please understand: everything we do is with the long-term health of the community in mind. It is never our intention to hurt community members, and we will always communicate our rationale behind the changes we make. We love all our holders and will never intentionally upset you!

Thank you!

Finally, a note of gratitude: Thank you for coming on this journey with us! It's going to be a long one, and we're going to make it as much fun as possible!


The core Mission Statement of the Pesky Penguins team is:

Drive adoption of the Solana ecosystem.

There are many different ways to drive adoption, and the approach we have chosen to take is to be:

  • Present
  • Welcoming
  • Inclusive
  • Transparent
  • Building

Our goal with Pesky Penguins, Nootopia, and our future endeavors is to give you, the community, a safe and fun place to belong. We want to build a place where you enjoy spending your time; where you chose to hang out not only because of the obvious token incentives, but because of the bonds you form with others.

Nootopia Objectives

Nootopia is our canvas for expressing joy and creating a sense of belonging for everybody in the NFT space. With Nootopia, we hope to build a foundation of fun for years to come.

The plan is to release new features incrementally, deploying features as they are ready, with the goal of building something fun over time with feedback from the community.

When working on Nootopia, the decisions we make will always be in service to these core objectives:

  • Fun
  • Community
  • Noot


While we are very serious about delivering no-frills value to our holders, Pesky Penguins does not want to take itself too seriously. From memes to the good vibes in Discord, we're always striving to build something that you enjoy.

Our goal with Nootopia is to build an engaging experience. We want to make you laugh and smile; to make something that you'll enjoy being a part of. We want Nootopia to be compelling beyond "numbers go up;" it's a creative expression of joy and life on the blockchain.


We want Nootopia to be a world in which people can participate collectively._ You'll be able to play solo, but the community and the actions others take will influence the world and your place in it. We want to create server-wide events in which everybody can participate, whose outcomes change the landscape and the story being told.


Noot is who we are.

Web3 is about empowering individuals. We want to empower you to Noot how you want to Noot, and to have fun doing it.

Something we have loved from hanging out in Discord and on Twitter with all of you are the stories you invent for your Noots. They add character to your Penguins and contribute to the lighthearted vibes of the community. We want to celebrate this!

One of our goals for Nootopia is to provide ways to customize your space and your penguins; to tell your own story while you help shape the world with the community.

YOU are the reason we are still here building. That's worth celebrating.

Solana has the capacity to be truly transformative in its throughput, programmability, and low energy footprint. We believe that contributing to the space can help legitimize decentralized finance, empower individuals, and bring about innovation we can't yet imagine (in the same transformative manner as the internet and smartphones).

You, as a supporter of Pesky Penguins, should feel very proud of the community that you've helped create! We feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a community often hailed as one of "the best" on Solana, and while there are only subjective ways to measure this, we believe that by embodying WAGMI and our core values of being present, welcoming, inclusive, transparent, and building, we can build a product and a community that drives Solana forward.

Keep up the good work, and thank you! 😁


The official utility token of Nootopia is called $PESKY. $PESKY will be used to purchase Places, items, upgrades, and for participating in games and story/lore events in Nootopia.

Fixed Maximum Supply

In order to incentivize token farming, there will be a fixed supply of $PESKY. A deflationary supply would disincentivize people from spending the tokens, so most purchases in-game will be added back into the "world wallet" from which staking rewards are paid out.

There will be a maximum token supply of 500,000,000 $PESKY.

500M $PESKY (500 megapesky lol) is enough supply to cover approximately two years' worth of staking (at a maximum rate per penguin) without any in-game spending. $PESKY that has not been distributed will be kept in the "Nootopia treasury" (the world wallet), which is the wallet from which staking rewards are paid out to staked Pesky Penguins.

When users spend $PESKY in Nootopia, the tokens will return to the world wallet, where they can continue to circulate beyond the first two years of gameplay.

There may also be certain, limited, deflationary use cases for $PESKY as well, in which the $PESKY spent will be permanently removed (burned) from the circulating supply.

Distribution Schedule

In order to incentivize participation in the community and Nootopia, $PESKY follows the following distribution schedule:

  • 330M $PESKY (66%) for the "world wallet" (game/staking emissions)
  • 140M $PESKY (28%) for ecosystem development and community rewards
  • 20M $PESKY (4%) to the dev team on the following vesting schedule:
    • NO Pesky for the first year
    • 1.5M $PESKY/month beginning March 1, 2023 and continuing until all 20M is distributed
  • 10M $PESKY (2%) to NootDAO, a community-led DAO for all holders of Pesky Penguins, on the following vesting schedule:
    • 500K $PESKY/month beginning July 1, 2022 and continuing until all 10M has been distributed.

Regular Balancing

Because we expect participation, playstyles, and features to change over time, users should anticipate that the cost of items/upgrades/adventures in Nootopia will also change over time. For example, as new in-game items are added, older items may come down in price.

No Monetary Value

The Pesky Penguins Team does not assign any monetary value to $PESKY. It is a utility token for Nootopia, not an investment vehicle. The token is not intended to be used for anything except purchasing in-game items, services, and events within the Nootopia game world.


New Pesky Penguins content releases will come in Chapters! Each Chapter will introduce new features:

  • Lore leading up to the release
  • A new Biome
  • New Places for sale
  • New Upgrades for your Places
  • A new Chapter-themed multiplayer Game

Updates will not be limited only to the release of new Chapters; You can expect ongoing and continuous improvements to the main website and Nootopia without needing to wait for a new Chapter to arrive.

Release Schedule

There will be no fixed release schedule for Chapters. The rate at which Chapters will be released depends on the scope of new features, the availability of developer/art/lore resources, and the participation of the community in world-building/lore events.

Penguin Staking

Staking your Pesky Penguins is the mechanism through which players earn $PESKY in Nootopia.

Because Nootopia boasts "Gamified Staking," players in Nootopia are able to influence how much $PESKY their penguins earn through purchasing and upgrading parcels of Land.

Staking Variables

When staking your Pesky Penguins, there are a number of variables that determine how you earn $PESKY:

  • Pay Period: Tick duration; how much time it takes to accumulate $PESKY
  • Salary: Amount of $PESKY per tick
  • Earnings Cap: Maximum $PESKY a Penguin can earn before needing to claim
  • Synergy multiplier: The effect adding more Penguins has on the Salary. Can be positive or negative!
  • Penguin Attribute Modifier: Certain Penguin attributes may synergize with certain property upgrades.
    • A Penguin with a Fast Food Cap may earn 5% more $PESKY when staked at a McNoots Franchise, for example.

These variables together determine the rate at which players can accumulate $PESKY in-game.

Public Staking

Where a Penguin can be tasked (staked) depends on available opportunities.

Initially, there will only be "Public" staking locations available. These locations are open to all players, and there is no limit to the number of penguins who may be staked there. These locations have fixed attribute that cannot be modified with upgrades.

Private Staking Opportunities

As players accumulate $PESKY, they will be able to purchase Pesky Places (to be released during Chapter 1). Pesky Places will be issued to players as NFTs, and they enable new staking opportunities!

Each Pesky Place will have "base stats" associated with it, as well as a number of upgrade slots. Upgrade slots may be used for modifying the base stats with "buildings," which will be purchased in-game. See the Upgrades for more details.

Players are not limited to staking on Places that they own; landowners will be able to "whitelist" their friends and community members to allow Penguins to earn together! This feature will not be initially available upon the release of Pesky Places, and its rollout will coincide with lore events.

Earnings Cap Rationale

There will be an earnings cap for the amount of $PESKY that a Penguin can earn while staked. Users must withdraw their funds periodically to continue earning $PESKY. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Staking variables are "locked in" when you stake your Penguin.
    • If a property is upgraded, your staked penguin will not automatically earn at the new rate.
    • An earnings cap encourages un-staking so players can re-stake and earn $PESKY at a higher rate.
  • An earnings cap incentivizes players to withdraw their rewards more frequently
    • This promotes the circulation of $PESKY
    • People with $PESKY in-hand are more likely to spend it on upgrades, creating a virtuous cycle.
  • There will be in-game mechanics that trigger on the withdrawal of funds.
    • This relates to a SECRET that we have not yet revealed 😉 Stay tuned!

Pesky Places

Pesky Places are customizable staking locations that you can own! These in-game parcels of land can be minted for $PESKY and are issued as NFTs, so players will be free to sell their Pesky Places for SOL on the open market.

Place Attributes

Every Pesky Place will have the following attributes associated with it:

  • Biome
  • Rank
  • Upgrade Slots
  • Salary
  • Pay Period
  • Earnings Cap


Every new Chapter will introduce a new Biome to the world, and new land tiles will be released along with them. In the beginning, there will be a single biome (Antarctic), but as the world of Nootopia grows, so too will the number of biomes and Places.

In addition to cosmetic differences, Biomes may confer bonuses to certain property Upgrades; for example, a Solar Powered Noot Collector may be 10% more effective when placed in a Desert biome.

The release of new Biomes will follow the Pesky Penguins lore.


Ranks are an easy way to tell approximately how valuable a Place is, because Rank informs the other 4 staking attributes: Salary, Pay Period, Earnings Cap, and Upgrade Slots.

  • S Rank properties will have upgraded values for all 4 attributes.
  • A Rank properties will have upgraded values for 3/4 attributes.
  • B Rank properties will have upgraded values for 2/4 attributes.
  • C Rank properties will have upgraded values for 1/4 attributes.
  • D Rank properties will have normal values for all 4 attributes.


Salary is the amount of $PESKY you can earn from a Place for a given Pay Period. Higher values are better.

The Salary amount will vary wildly from place to place, and will depend heavily on what the Pay Period is. In general, shorter pay periods will result in lower salaries (smaller sums more frequently).

Pay Period

The amount of time your Penguin must remain staked at a Place before receiving its Salary. Smaller values are better, because smaller values mean more frequent payouts.

Pay Periods will be measured in SECONDS, but we will have a human-friendly duration in the NFT description to make them easier to parse.

Earnings Cap

The amount of $PESKY your staked Penguins can accumulate before their earnings are capped and must be claimed. Larger values are better, because this means more time can elapse before you need to tend to your staked Penguins.

Upgrade Slots

The number of slots available on this Place for Upgrades. Larger values are better.

Some upgrades will require multiple slots; which upgrades you will be able to apply to your Place depends on which upgrades you own. Upgrades may be purchased for $PESKY, may be given out for participation in lore events, or may come from other, yet-to-be-revealed in-world sources.

See the Upgrades page for more details!

Pesky Places: Upgrades

During their time in Nootopia, players will be able to acquire Upgrades for Pesky Places. Upgrades may be purchased for $PESKY, may be given out for participation in lore events, or may come from other, yet-to-be-revealed in-world sources.

You do NOT need to be an owner of a Place to acquire Upgrades, but you can only apply Upgrades to Places that you own.

Upgrades are Fungible

A key difference between Places and Upgrades is that Upgrades are fungible.

It will be possible to acquire multiple versions of the same Upgrade, and they will be interchangeable with other upgrades of the same type. This grants users the ability to apply multiple identical upgrades to their property, allowing players to optimize their staking experience in a way that appeals most to them.

Upgrade Modifiers

Upgrades will modify one or multiple core staking attributes of the Place to which it is applied:

  • Salary
  • Pay Period
  • Earnings Cap

Additionally, some upgrades may provide bonus modifiers based on staked Penguins, Biome, or by stacking with other upgrades.

Release Schedule

New Upgrades will become available with each new Chapter, and can be applied to properties released during ANY Chapter.


Nootopia is not only an icebound snowy landmass!

It's true that the Nootopia City Center lies at the South Pole, but the entire world is vast, and there will be many different biomes to explore!

In the beginning, there will be only a single Biome, but new biomes will be released with each new Chapter.

Every Biome will release with new Places, meaning that prospective landowners will be able to mint new properties seasonally, and these properties will be themed according to the biome to which they belong.

Each new Biome will contain a fun biome-themed multiplayer game at its center, and residents of the biome may receive discounts on the game.

Example Biomes

Some example biomes we may pursue throughout the course of development include:

  • Antarctic
  • Beach
  • Volcanic
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Plains
  • Swamp

This is not a final, complete, or ordered list. The biome associated with each new Chapter may or may not be announced ahead of time, but will always follow the lore. 😉


Every Chapter, we'll release a new Biome, and every Biome will come with biome-themed game.

These games will:

  • Run in the browser
  • Be Multiplayer
  • Cost $PESKY to play
  • Reward $PESKY to the winner(s)
    • Maybe reward other things as well 👀
  • Be short, quick, and fun!

Think: arcade games. You put in your quarter, you play with your friends, and then maybe you get some $PESKY or other prizes at the end.

The goal is to give folks something to do together while hanging out online.

Nootopia IS the Game.

These multiplayer "arcade games" will not be immersive worlds with standalone lore; the stance we're taking is that Nootopia itself is the game.

Gamified staking, interactive storytelling, and Pesky Arcade games will work together to create the "Nootopia Experience."

Anybody Can Play

It is vitally important to us that anybody can play these Pesky arcade games. You will not need to own a Penguin to play; Nootopia is for everybody, and we're all going to make it.

The only thing you'll need to play at the Pesky Arcade is $PESKY, and only Pesky Penguin holders will be able to earn $PESKY from staking. A talented gamer may be able to turn a handful of $PESKY into a larger holding by playing skillfully.

Achievements and Quests

There may be times, as part of our Interactive Storytelling, where Penguins will need to play a certain number of games in order to progress. Like other storytelling initiatives, you will receive your achievements and quest progression in the form of fungible tokens.

Keeping achievements and quest progression as fungible tokens means that you can transfer your progress to other accounts (or even other players) if you switch wallets, and allows you to "boost" your friends to certain points within the story.

At the moment, it is very unlikely that the possession of tokens will confer any kind of in-game bonuses; we want to emphasize belonging, not competition. If you want to share your achievements with friends, go right ahead! The goal, after all, is to have fun with the people you enjoy.

We're all going to make it!

Interactive Storytelling

Lore has always been one of the aspects of the Pesky Penguins universe that drives its individuality. How many NFT collections have an in-universe villain who actively attacks the collection? How many collections have called their members to war, left scars on their soldiers, and done so with a story and artwork to accompany it?

Many of the folks who joined the Pesky Penguins family in 2022 were not around for the Battle of Nootvember. If you are one of these people, you are in for a storytelling surprise!

Pesky Penguins has always been about creating a fun, dynamic, and inclusive place for our community, and that means creating a world where your decisions influence your journey through it.

The Interactive Storytelling Engine

One of the things we will be working on in 2022 is an Interactive Storytelling Engine. Pesky Penguins holders will be able to participate in Lore, storytelling, and world-building events, and the choices they make will influence what options are available to them in the future thanks to the magic of the blockchain.

Storytelling and worldbuilding events will issue (fungible) tokens to the folks who complete them, and these tokens will serve as a record of how they participated in storytelling events.

Through a combination of Storytelling Tokens, Pesky Penguins NFTs, and potentially NFTs from partner collections, we will be able to craft narratives that feel special and tailored to past choices you've made.

Beyond simply storytelling, the tokens you've earned through worldbuilding events can serve as keys to unlock new features.

Unlocking Features

"Main Story" lore will be available to everybody, regardless of Pesky Penguin ownership, but there may be worldbuilding lore or "side quests" that are only open to holders.

For example, if you're a landowner (a Places holder), you may be confronted with a quest to focus on either forestry or aquaculture. If you choose aquaculture, this could provide you with the "Fishernoot's Token," the possession of which entitles you to purchase Fishing Hole upgrades for your Places.

Remember: upgrades are fungible, so you can collect multiple (identical) fishing hole upgrades and trade them away to a member of the community who made different choices than you (for example, somebody with forestry upgrades).

In this way, the decisions you've made will shape the choices available to you in Nootopia, and will encourage cooperation with your friends to experience everything Nootopia has to offer.

As for Main Story Tokens... well, giving away all our secrets would ruin the surprises we have in store! 😉


At Pesky Penguins, we eat, sleep, and breathe WAGMI. We're about building a community and a world that you can own and enjoy.

Nootopia is a place for everybody, and it will serve as a record of how you have chosen to participate in this community.

We think that our Interactive Storytelling Engine will be the highlight of Nootopia, and we hope the stories we tell will make you laugh, while being compelling enough for you to come back over and over again.

Gamified Staking, through landownership and the ability to upgrade your Places, will serve as an enduring record of your participation in the world. The Places and Upgrades you'll have access to will be a reflection of the choices you've made, either through storytelling or how you've engaged with the community.

Finally, because being a member of the community means interacting with your neighbors, it is our hope that the small, fun, Multiplayer Games available in Nootopia will serve as a way to connect with your friends and reward your skill while remaining lighthearted and a cohesive part of the Pesky Penguins universe.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We're nothing without our community, and we love that you've chosen to make Nootopia your home on the blockchain!


❤️ from the Pesky Penguins Team: NFP and Kylie.